• Su-Nui Escobar, MS, RDN

Achieve your Nutrition and Fitness Goals

Updated: Jul 6

This is your year! Time to move forward and make your dreams a reality. It is all a matter of following two simple rules. The first: make realistic and measurable goals. The second: organize yourself enough to achieve the dream.

Let's talk about the steps to create achievable goals that will get you to your dream life. First imagine your dream life. Close your eyes and imagine what achieving your fitness and nutrition goals will feel like. There is no timeline, no limits, imagine the big dream.

The next step: imagine how 12 months from now looks like.

Step 1: Visualize your long term goals

Close your eyes and think about how one year from now looks like. Be very specific. Visualize yourself doing your normal routine. Think about what you are doing, how you look, how you feel, who is with you and every step of your routine. For example, you can visualize yourself getting up early to workout, what type of exercise you do, how you get there, how is it feel during the workout and immediately after. Visualize who is with you or if this is your alone time. Imagine how you feel throughout the day, does your morning routine makes you feel more energized? Considering this is a nutrition blog, I want you to focus on your nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle habits that impact your nutrition and overall health.

Now, open your eyes and write it down.

Step 2: Make it happen, one simple new habit at the time.

Write down your goals for the next month

First think about where you are and what you can realistically achieve in 1 month. Remember that sometimes less is more. What do I mean by that? Well, if you want to lose 30 pounds, that is not feasible in 1 month, but 5 is very doable. I know it sounds like too little but if you achieve your goal, you will feel empowered to keep ongoing. If you say you want to do 30 and you fail -as expected- you will feel a failure and quit, then you will overeat and gain 5 more.

I suggest you choose 3 goals that can easily be measured. Here are some examples:

  • Lose 5 pounds

  • Eat healthier lunch Monday to Friday

  • Work out 3 days per week- at least 30 minutes

Step 3: Plan how to achieve your goals next week.

Be very specific.

Eat healthier lunch Monday to Friday. Choose the specific way you are going to achieve this goal, some ideas include:

  • Cook extra food at night to take with you,

  • Pay for a service that brings you food to work (i.e. Fit2goMeal)

  • Pre-select healthier options at the cafeteria at work

  • Batch cook for the week and place in individual containers.

Make sure to select one and have a back up plan for the days that you cannot accomplish your goal. For example, you can decide to bring food with you every day but if you have to eat lunch with a client, you will order a salad with a protein with the dressing on the side.

Workout 3 times per week. Choose the days and the times when you are going to accomplish your goal and have a back up plan for when you cannot due to a major event.

  • Do a spinning class Mondays, Wednesdays after work and Saturday mornings. To accomplish this you will bring your clothes with you to work to make it more feasible. If you are not able to workout because your kids have an activity, then you will complete a workout video before work.

Step 4: Weekly check evaluation of your goals

At the end of every week, take 10 minutes to review your goals. Evaluate what work, what did not and how can you improve next week. At the end of the month select which habits you are going to keep and potential new goals.

Now, go and live the best year of your life!


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